Our Vision

The vision of the Banff Foundation is that a well structured, trustee led organization, can promote the multidisciplinary collaboration of an open international group of investigators to advance knowledge and its application in allograft pathology.

Our Mission

The mission of the Banff Foundation is to enable and lead the development and dissemination of pathological classifications of allograft pathology and to enhance its scientific basis and clinical utility, thereby improving the care of transplant patients.

Pushing Research Forward

The Banff Foundation is a nonprofit charitable Swiss foundation with the structure shown below.

Operative structure for the Banff Foundation:

Dr. Alex Loupy is local conference chair for the 2024 meeting in Paris.

The Board of Trustees consists of:

  • Dr. Michael Mengel (Chair)

  • (Open) (Secretary Treasurer)

  • Kim Solez

  • Carmen Lefaucheur

  • Jake Demetris

  • Michael Mihatsch

  • Alexandre Loupy

  • Roslyn Mannon

  • Brian Nankivell

  • Cinthia Drachenberg

We gratefully acknowledge the Roche Organ Transplantation Research Foundation which has provided a three year grant supporting the creation of the Banff Foundation.

History and Future of Banff Classification YouTube Playlist 

(57 videos playing on wall screen in cyberNephrology office along with slideshow)