Banff Lesion Score cv (vascular fibrous intimal thickening).

Figure 12. Banff Lesion Score cv (vascular fibrous intimal thickening). A, Banff Lesion Score cv1—very mild purely fibrous thickening of the arterial intima (arrow). PAS, original magnification x200. B, Purely fibrous intimal thickening is depicted here in between the arrows in a trichrome stain. Note that this type of fibrous intimal thickening can also represent chronic damage in AMR. Masson trichrome, original magnification x400. C, Arterial fibrous intimal thickening in between the arrows. Note the multiplication of the internal elastic lamina. Trichrome-elastica, original magnification x400. D, Severe fibrointimal thickening cv3, with mononuclear infiltrates (long arrow) and foam cells (short arrow) in the fibrotic intima which can be a feature of both Chronic Active TCMR and Chronic Active AMR. Both types of lesion qualify for Banff Lesion Score cv, the score is determined by the loss of luminal area as shown in Figure 13 below. H&E, original magnification x100.