Banff Classification Diagnostic Category 6 (other).

Figure 21. Banff Classification Diagnostic Category 6 (other). These images illustrate some of the more common examples of key lesions specified under category 6. A, pyelonephritis with neutrophilic casts (arrow) and neutrophilic infiltrates with tubulitis. H&E, original magnification x200. B, BK virus nephropathy with typical ground glass intranuclear inclusions as seen on hematoxylin and eosin stain (arrows). H&E, original magnification x400. C, Acute tubular injury with widespread isometric vacuolization of tubular epithelial cells (arrow) associated with acute Calcineurin Inhibitor Toxicity and other forms of injury. H&E, original magnification x200. D, Recurrent glomerulonephritis (membranoproliferative immune complex glomerulonephritis type I in this case) with split GBMs (arrow). The diagnosis was confirmed and TG excluded by positive IF for immunoglobulin heavy-chains, light-chains and complement split products as well as abundant subendothelial electron dense immune complex deposits on EM. PAS, original magnification x400.